Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

This assignment of profession ethics was very informative as it helped me to learn about the different responsibilities within technology in education.  It is nice to have a set of rules and boundaries that are accepted nationally for educational technology.  I have experienced first hand the different cultures within our country and have thought about the different challenges of teaching in each area.  I grew up in a very liberal and well to do area before relocating to a very conservative area that is surrounded by poverty.  The roles of teachers, especially with technology are very different, but the code of ethics applies to both.  This common ground makes it easy to have national conversations and collaborate with educators around the country and world.

The assignment helped me to think about my actions and how I implement technology in my classroom.  I specifically want to remain conscious to the access and opportunity that my students may or may not have.  I do not want to provide an advantage or disadvantage to students based on their access to technology.  I am excited and hesitant about 1:1 laptops in my school system next year as I know many of my students may not have access to the Internet at home or the laptop may be used to non-school related purposes. This assignment has opened my eyes to the possibilities and things to be aware of in implementing educational technology.

Here is the link to my paper about ethics in technology that includes a scenario and a potential solution.


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