Annotated Bibliography

This assignment was challenging for me as I found myself trying to read through articles that I found very uninteresting.  I am very interested in trying to implement blended learning into my classroom, but I would like for it to have some solid findings before I begin.  I learned that finding valuable research is very challenging and takes a lot of time.  This is not something for those that are unmotivated to undertake.  Through this process I did learn that there is not a great deal of research the proves blended learning is superior to traditional classroom set ups.  At the moment it seems as though both methods are equal in student achievement.  This means for educators that we have the freedom to try blended learning as it will not harm our students, but may have the chance to benefit them.  I also learned that there are many methods of blended learning and some methods may be superior to others which could have a positive effect, but this idea is still without a solid research backing. Below you will find a copy of my annotated bibliography.


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