Tech Trends – Deeper Learning Approaches

There are many tech trends in education.  For this project I decided to focus on the trends that I am very excited about and am trying to implement in my classroom.  I am currently piloting a standards-based grading system with the hope to show other teachers the benefits of standards-based grading. I also plan to use a semi project-based learning style in my statistic class as well.

One purpose of out school system is to educate students to be responsible citizens and ready for the work force that they will eventually join.  Our society and world is changing rapidly through technology and as educators we are now training students for jobs that do not exist yet.  One thing we do know is that our students will need to solve problems no matter where they go in life. With this in mind one tech trend is the shift to problem-based learning and competency based graduation.  It is through technology that both of these trends are possible.  Students have the ability to learn through solving problems and can use technology to solve interesting problems. Technology helps to manage the systems that are needed to manage and keep track of competency-based learning.  Students are able to learn at different speeds and spend time focusing on the topics that they need to work on.  In general technology is helping to personalize education.

Here is a link to my presentation on these trends.
Below are links that are useful for further reading and exploration:




2 thoughts on “Tech Trends – Deeper Learning Approaches

    1. I’m glad to hear SBG is going well. I am going into my 2nd year of teaching and I am excited to pilot SBG. My district tried SBG a few years ago and from what I’ve heard it did not go over well. My hope is that this pilot will help to work out as man kinks as possible to help get the whole school and district on board.


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