Multimedia in the Classroom

I thought that writing a blog was intimidating (especially as a math teacher), but a video blog is much more intimidating for me.  Here is goes:



2 thoughts on “Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. Kristin,

    I really enjoyed the short video from Ellen. It truly is amazing how fast technology is moving. There is something to be said about the half-life of knowledge concept. Gonzalez (2004) states

    “One of the most persuasive factors is the shrinking half-life of knowledge. The “half-life of knowledge” is the time span from when knowledge is gained to when it becomes obsolete. Half of what is known today was not known 10 years ago. The amount of knowledge in the world has doubled in the past 10 years and is doubling every 18 months according to the American Society of Training and Documentation (ASTD). To combat the shrinking half-life of knowledge, organizations have been forced to develop new methods of deploying instruction.”

    These kids show just how fast things are moving and knowing things as little as 10 years ago could be insufficient.

    Your video blog gives some information about the benefits of multimedia. I agree that technology must support the learning for the 21st century. It will provide the ability for teachers to personalize student learning. Students can go at their own pace and choose the methods of learning. Multimedia is so important in that students who are maybe not great at a certain learning type can choose another. Also, at risk student can really benefit with multimedia and a personalized class.

    I was hoping you would mention a little more about the possible negative aspects of multimedia in the class. I know it was not required but it is nice to know that we realize that technology must be used correctly.



  2. Hi Kristin,
    I enjoyed your vlog and really like the images that you chose. They really helped captivate your message. You hit all of Melanie Hibbert’s keys to a compelling instructional online video, including adding audio/visual elements to the video that supplement the content, producing high-quality videos, and keeping the four-minute view time as a design consideration. I found, as you did, the value in using multimedia in the classroom, but I also question its efficiency, when it comes to creating or locating original content. In my experience, the amount of time needed to create content, is far greater than the amount of time spent using the content in a lesson. This is also true when searching for content to use. Rarely do you find what you are looking for on the first try. Then you have to preview, or use the tool, which adds to the planning process. Not to mention, there is the shelf life of the content that you created, as Ryan pointed out. After saying all that, when you create or find good content, it can be powerful.

    Hibbert, M. (2014, April 7). What Makes an Online Instructional Video Compelling? (EDUCAUSE Review) | Retrieved July 27, 2015, from


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