Digital Divide/Digital Inequality Reflection

This activity involved researching the digital divide and inequality that occurs within our country and world.  In addition we also worked on implementing multimedia principles through the creation of a Haiku Deck presenter.

I learned that although many people think PowerPoint and other presentation software is overused that when used properly it is a very effective tool.  The object of using multimedia in presentations is to help tell the story and the process behind what you are trying to present.  It is a visual aide that helps to the listener through an experience.  Overuse occurs when people use a presentation software to be the entire presentation and fill each slide with all of the information.

I knew that there was a gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” with technology.  I learned that the digital divide is a growing problem, but with technology has the potential to change very quickly as technology becomes more affordable.  I was unaware of the effects of being without technology and how this is truly a disadvantage for many and contributes to many negative cycles such as poverty.  I had not previously thought about the digital divide with a global perspective as I have been very focused on my students and where I currently live.  It was a good reminder to realize that this issue is larger and more prevalent in other countries that in the United States and that the United States is behind many countries in access to technology.

I plan to be more aware of my student’s potential access to technology.  I also want to help my students to use computers well in my classroom so that they can use them well outside of the classroom.  Although many of my students have cellular devices, many still struggle with utilizing the full capabilities of the computer.   My hope is to integrate the use of technology in my class well and when appropriate.

If I had more time, I would add more detail in my notes as well as on a few slides.  I would have like to had more visuals that I created on the slides as well to help illustrate my points. I also would have spent more time researching where we currently are in the digital divide and finding solutions that have worked in other schools.

Here is the link to my presentation on the digital divide:


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