Technology Evaluation

This activity was very enlightening for me to do.  In the process of this project I learned that my district has not published its updated technology plan.  I was able to find a copy of the current plan for this project.  The biggest take away is that there is a plan in place but there is a lack of implementation and the behavior lining up with the available resources.  This is a direct result of a purely top down leadership scheme.  The district has a vision of where it wants to be with technology, but the actions needs to start to match the vision.

I was shocked by the depth of the plan in place, but there is still not an active plan for implementation except for purchasing.  I have come to learn that in order for this plan to be successful that there needs to be a change in culture within the district to innovate.  The change can not come as a direct order, but needs a structure in place that encourages and supports teachers through the technology shift.  I was pleased to find that there is a plan in place because from the inside it did not seem that there was a plan in place.




Technology Evaluation Survey

Technology Plan Summary


After the survey and summary of the technology plan I would rate the school district as Integrated, my reasoning for this is that there is a well formed plan in place but the behavior is not following the plan and is very sporadic. The structure of the plan pulls the overall ranking to integrated from islands.  If it were not for the detailed and structured plan the district would rank as island because there is only some implementation of the plan.  Overall the district is structurally ready for technology, but is behind in utilized technology to the fullest in instruction and curriculum.


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