Blog Self Assessment

This post is my self reflection of my blogging throughout this course.

Content (70) –

Proficient – Substantial information, thought, insight and analysis has taken place with some connection to previous or current content and/or to real life situations but lack of depth and detail.

I feel that some of my blogs were very in depth and supported with great detail, but this is not true of every blog.  I did not connect the blogs to each other and to previous coursework.  I do however feel that my post were insightful and thoughtfully analyzed the topics.  I would give myself 65 points.

Readings and Resources (20)

Readings (from course text) and other resource materials are used to support blog comments. APA style is used to cite references.

I included reference and the course text in all of my blog posts. I used APA in all of the formatting, but I believe there may be some errors.  For this reason I give myself 15 points.

Timeliness (20)

All required postings are made early in the module to give others time to comment.

The majority of my post were complete by Saturday with most post being complete by Wednesday.  I posted earlier and gave my classmates multiple days to read and respond.  I give myself 20 points.

Responses to Others (30)

Two or more substantial posts with at least one detailed response made to address another students’ post.

I responded to two different posts each week.  I would not say that my responses were detailed but they were substantial. My responses were thoughtful and related to the content, but they could have included more detail and support from references. I give myself 20 points

My final score would be: 120/140


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