ED TECH 541 – Final Reflection

This post serves as my final reflection for Ed Tech 541 – Integrating Technology in the Classroom

What did you learn?

I learned a lot of different ways to integrate technology into my classroom.  Going into the course I had my go to ways of integrating technology, but I have learned how to better incorporate social media into my classroom.  I was reminded that the content is more important than technology.  I learned that as educators that we need to teach our students how to use technology and this will include teaching the students how to use technology in the classroom.  I was exposed to may different resources for using technology.  The biggest takeaway for me was the relative advantage and remembering to use technology if there is an advantage.

How did theory guide the development of the project and assignment?

I used the constructivism theory for the majority of my lessons.  I believe along with the theory that student understanding is improved as student discovery learning through authentic exploration.  I structured my lesson plans to give students the opportunity to explore the different math concepts and make their own meaning.  Many of the lessons involved discussion and debate between students to help students learn to communicate in the 21st century.

How the course work demonstrates mastery of the AECT standards?

Standard 1 – Content Knowledge – Candidates demonstrate the knowledge necessary to create, use, assess, and manage theoretical and practical applications of educational technologies and processes.

Using – Candidates demonstrate the ability to select and use technological resources and processes to support student learning and to enhance their pedagogy

Throughout this course and as demonstrated in the final project for this course I integrate appropriate technology into the high school math curriculum.  The structure of this course provided me with the resources that I need to use technology into my classroom.  I used many content lessons that link to Desmos and other interactive math sites that are designed to help students engage with mathematics in an inquiry setting.

Assessing/Evaluating – Candidates demonstrate the ability to assess and evaluate the effective integration of appropriate technologies and instructional materials.  

Through using relative advantage charts and providing the relative advantage for technology integration I demonstrated my ability to select appropriate technology. I researched and used many different resources before making final decision and held the content as the ultimate decision with technology integration.

Standard 2 – Content Pedagogy – Candidates develop as reflective practitioners able to demonstrate effective implementation of educational technologies and processes based on contemporary content and pedagogy

Creating – Candidates apply content pedagogy to create appropriate applications of processes and technologies to improve learning and performance outcomes.

Throughout the final project I used appropriate pedagogy to introduce material to students.  I used many different videos to gain student focus and engagement and interactive quizzes and presentations.  At appropriate times I implemented drill and practice problems to review previously learned material.

Using – Candidates implement appropriate educational technologies and processes based on appropriate content pedagogy.

I used technology to support student learning at different levels from an introduction of the content through the practice of content.  I believe that I used a flexible pedagogy that was solid in matching the math content objectives.

Standard 5 – Research – Candidates explore, evaluate, synthesize, and apply methods of inquiry to enhance learning (p. 4) and improve performance

Theoretical Foundations – Candidates demonstrate foundational knowledge of the contribution of research to the past and current theory of educational communications and technology

Throughout this course I was required to research different types of technology to integrate into the classroom.  As I worked through different materials such as the course text, journal articles, and Internet resources I evaluate the source for its credibility and then used the research to support my opinions.

How have you grown professionally?

I have built relationships with other educators throughout my time in this course.  I have learned how to reflect on my work in a professional manner.  I now analyze my work at a deeper level.  Most importantly this course has helped to prepare me to step into a leadership role within my department and building through technology.  Working through the AECT Standards has helped me to learn within the profession of educational technology.

How has your own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching have been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course?

As a result of this course I will integrate more technology into my classes specifically utilizing social media for communication purposes.  I also know that I will include the relative advantage before implementing technology into my classroom whether for instruction or productivity.  I am very excited to start this upcoming school year as my district is going 1:1 and I will be able to integrate what I have learned in this class.

What will you do differently as an educator as a result of this course?

I will now use the relative advantage before using any technology in my classes.  I am more confident with integrating technology and I plan to use social media to help create a positive classroom environment and culture.  I will also make a point to teach my students how to use technology in my classroom and in their everyday lives.  My goal for technology use is to help students solve interesting problems in my classroom.


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