Static Multimedia Instruction

Learning Objectives

  • The learner will create a student Canvas account
  • The learner will access their Canvas Course

Design Notes

I first went through the process myself to create a student account.  I then went through the process again taking screen shots of each step.  One the screen where students type in the join code I thought it would be most useful and follow the contiguity principle to put the code into the box in the screen shot.  This was a very simple decision, but I believe it will make creating an account easier for students as they will not have to look to a separate document for their join code. To help students click through the site I used a yellow text box to indicate instructions as yellow did not fit with the color scheme of the site and would stand out as an instruction.  I then want to use arrows and circles to guide the student’s eyes to where they needed to click.

Clarify naturally forces the you to use the contiguity principle as the text and images are placed on the same page.  The ability to use text boxes and on screen annotation helps to connect the text and images.  It also prevents the student’s eyes from wondering and limits cognitive overload.

Here is the link to How to Create a Student Canvas Account


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