Looks, Sounds, and Procedures

This week I learned about looks, sounds, and procedures.  I found procedures to be the most helpful and the most challenging.  It is very useful to be able to break apart the code into smaller chunks.  I could see this helping with collaboration in the classroom and allow students to work both individually and in groups.   It was very hard to use the pen to create the house and any drawing for me.  I know this is a useful skill as it helps me learn and see the path that a sprite is following.


Rainbow Pen

My first project for this week was the rainbow pen below:



This was my favorite project of this week as I was able to add more motion and adjust the sounds using random operations.



This was the hardest of the projects for me as I struggle to get the sprite to go where I wanted.  To help with this and to track the sprite I added the wait command between each section so that I could see how the sprite was moving at a slower pace.  This was very helpful for “debugging’ my code


Under Pressure

My favorite part about this project was the math that was involved.  I can already see a lot of potential for using Scratch in my math class.



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