Podcast: What is in the Numbers? – Millennial Spending

What is in the Numbers?

This podcast is designed to take statistics that are reported in the news or found online and provide some insight to the numbers.  The goal of the podcast is to help people thinking critically about statistics and what the numbers truly mean.  Too often people are misguided by numbers, statistics, and graphics.  Some times this is intentional and other times it is not.  This podcast will help to connect current events to math and provide listeners with a more critical view of the numbers they hear each day.

Millennial Spending

The first episode comes from recent data reported from Gallup about Millennial spending habits.  The goal of the podcast is to provide insight into the statistics that are presented.  Are millennials irresponsible with their money and spending?  Is the spending true of the millennials generation or the phase of life that millennials are currently in?  Are millennials making an effort to save money?  These are some of the questions that rise from the data and this first episode I believe provides different insights to how people will look at the data that is presented.

Episode #1: Millennial Spending


2 thoughts on “Podcast: What is in the Numbers? – Millennial Spending

  1. Nice job, Kristin. I love your choice of topic. This would be very interesting for high school or college students. It is so interesting to think about what statistics are really saying about your generation! Wonderful use of the percentages to get at math concepts in a way that is interesting and applicable – you did a great job with the example. Also, nice use of background music. Sometimes I could barely hear it, but I think that is good because I was too busy listening to you! Just one more thing – only 26% of “everyone else” shops for fun!? I feel like I might be in that minority 🙂


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