About Me

My name is Kristin Manna.  I am currently a second year math teacher in South Carolina.  I have a passion to teach and build relationships with students.  I love create intriguing activities in class to get the students involved and having conversations about math.  I am constantly learning with my students and other educators as we journey together.  I am working to implement standards based grading and to help my students develop a growth mindset and understand the amazing potential that they each have.

After one year of teaching I decided that I wanted to pursue a Master’s in Educational Technology through Boise State University.  Through the courses in this program I will learn more about implementing technology in my classroom to enhance students learning.  I am very excited about connecting and learning from the professors and students in the M.E.T. program.  My hope is that this learning log will document my experiences and growth throughout this program including success and struggles.

I also keep a blog of my classroom experiences as well at Manna Math.

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