Coherence Principle

To start this post I need to be honest about this assignment.  I struggle with the amount of reading and writing that this assignment required.  I would have rather found example of the coherence principle to display.  I also think it would have been valuable to apply the coherence principle to work we have done … More Coherence Principle

Podcast: What is in the Numbers? – Millennial Spending

What is in the Numbers? This podcast is designed to take statistics that are reported in the news or found online and provide some insight to the numbers.  The goal of the podcast is to help people thinking critically about statistics and what the numbers truly mean.  Too often people are misguided by numbers, statistics, … More Podcast: What is in the Numbers? – Millennial Spending

Budget & Haiku Deck

Even though finances are not in my standards, my students are always very interesting in learning about money.  Each year that I’ve taught I’ve spent a quick day or two going over some basic principles with my students.  I thought this project was a great opportunity to help me in preparing a presentation for my … More Budget & Haiku Deck

Digital Divide/Digital Inequality Reflection

This activity involved researching the digital divide and inequality that occurs within our country and world.  In addition we also worked on implementing multimedia principles through the creation of a Haiku Deck presenter. I learned that although many people think PowerPoint and other presentation software is overused that when used properly it is a very effective … More Digital Divide/Digital Inequality Reflection