Obstacles to Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom

Technology is changing the classrooms that we teach in, especially the math classroom.  As with all change, change is hard and has many different challenges. I find it quite ironic that the word change in in the word challenge.  This blog post will list some challenges to integrating technology into the math classroom with proposed … More Obstacles to Integrating Technology in the Math Classroom

Internet Safety

In a world filled with technology there is a new type of digital citizenship and internet safety.  As educators that use technology we need to help students learn how to interact in a digital world.  Many students feel invincible online and that nothing can happen to them as they do not have any direct interaction … More Internet Safety

Advantages of Using a Basic Suite

Using a Basic Suite applications like GoogleDrive is very useful in education.  We now live in a digital world where the majority of communication happens through some digital medium such as: social media, video, graphics, and more.  It is crucial that teachers take advantage of the communication advantages of technology to collaborate with fellow educators … More Advantages of Using a Basic Suite

Instructional Software

This blog post will discuss the five different types of instructional software as discussed by Roblyer (2016).  The discussion will include a definition of each type of software and how each is applied specifically in a high school math course Drill and Practice Drill and practice software allows students to work individually on one problem … More Instructional Software

Mission & Vision Statement

As I high school mathematics teacher my vision for technology integration is to provide students with a learning environment that encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.  The world of the 21st century is immersed in technology for learning, collaboration, organization, and communication.  Education helps to prepare students to be responsible citizens, learners and members of … More Mission & Vision Statement